After fretting over a gazillion fabric samples, some of which were seen here, I went with an entirely different pattern for the Cape pillows. I found this Braemore Silsilia Indian Sea fabric at the OnlineFabricStore here and fell in love!

It’s even prettier in person and had me doing a fabric dance all over the house. Which I acknowledge is really weird.


Once I saw the fabric at the house I realized that the blues were even more compatible with the kitchen wall color.  So, instead of making the pillows I wrote about earlier I decided to keep the fabric to make valances in the kitchen. Thanks to the generous cut from the OnlineFabricStore, the slightly over sized two yards give me just enough coverage for the double kitchen window. Phew.


After reserving enough fabric for the kitchen windows, I had enough fabric left to cover one, not four, of the couch pillows.


So, I resorted back to an oldie but goodie print. Do you recognize it?  It is the Waverly fabric used on the guest room headboard here. I had bought more fabric to make matching curtains but decided it was an aqua overload.  Best to use it up this century.


I also used up the rest of the fabric from our bathroom valance at home here. I was going to use this print for the pillows in the Captain Quarters but then used a different orange print here so I just made one for the couch.

How did I make the pillow covers?

Step 1:  I measured the pillows using a fabric measuring tape and then cut fabric squares that were about 2 inches bigger.

Step 2: I sewed three sides of the squares with the pretty side in and then a little more on the fourth side leaving enough to squeeze the pillow into the case.  Then I trimmed up any excess including clipping off the corners so it wouldn’t be too bulky.


Step 3:  After turning the pillow cover right side out, I stuffed the pillow into its new case. The covers on the pillows do zip off but the inserts are just a mess of stuffing so I figured I would never get the shape right if I took them off.


Step 4: Next I pinned the pillows closed.  I first pinned the edge close to the opening and then stuck my finger between the pins to push back the pillow and add a second row of pins to create an unstuffed edge so that the pillow could fit into the machine.

I though about sewing the pillows by hand but I had so many to make that I resorted to using the machine.  I noticed that our existing starfish pillows from Pottery Barn are sewn like this also.


Step 5:  This is where I wish I had three hands.  Using the sewing machine I sewed as straight of a line as I could to close the opening at the edge of the fabric.  In some instances I did have to go back for a second pass. I found that I needed two hands on the pillow at all time and that any adjustments had to be made while the needle was in the fabric or the pillow would pop out.


I am happy enough with the outcome.  The fun thing about covering the pillows I already had versus buying new covers was that it was so inexpensive that I won’t feel guilty if I want to swap out the covers in a few years.



This was also very good practice for the upcoming curtain project. It’s been awhile since I’ve busted out the sewing machine so it was good to get my confidence back and some practice in.

Since I posted earlier in the week on the Captains Quarters, I thought it made sense to provide an update on the Crews Quarters as well.   20140712_183256

I had purchased new yellow sheets for the guest room last year.  And it took me a year to get them washed up and on the beds.


My motivation came from this new Safavieh rug.  It’s a little smaller than I would have liked for the space but  the next size up did not work.  And if I went even bigger (which would have covered most of the floor) it would have been more than I wanted to spend.


I really love how you can see the shiny floor now.


The pillows were stolen from our bench at home on the porch (see them here).



Overall, I am happy with how the yellow and navy look in the room. HHH (Headless Husband Howard) misses the rainbow stripes though.


The last thing the room needs is some curtain or door to hide the exposed shelving.


If you have any ideas please let me know!

Our master bedroom on the Cape has been a little scant in the decorating department. I struggled to find affordable lamps that ‘fit’ the space. It seemed that every colorful lamp I found was way too tall. And I struggled with color. I knew our master bedroom was looking rather bland with all of the tan and white but felt that bright colored lamps would limit our art and bedding options in the future.  So in the end I settled on some off-white lamps.


Then I added in some color by making new pillow covers for some pillows that used to be in my parents house.  Thanks Mom!


I found this fabric at the OnlineFabricStore here and it was really affordable ($7.45 a yard) and durable.


A funny thing about these pillows is that after making them I found similar ones at Pottery Barn for much more!


I swear I made these myself. And I’ve got the mess to prove it.



The orange adds a summery feel to the room and plays well with the way-to-small aqua rug. This rug was an oldie from Crate and Barrel that reminds me of my former life in a Boston apartment. Maybe some day we’ll replace it.  Maybe not.


With the exception of some art work to add to the oars (a fabulous housewarming gift from my sister – thanks again Annie!) the master bedroom is feeling pretty much finished for now. I could go on accessorizing with baskets on the nightstand shelves and knickknacks here and there but I remind myself that this is our vacation home where it’s best left simple and uncluttered.


I’ve been adding to some to the Cape House photos on the main page as we continue to update the house so be sure to check those out too!

I don’t have much to say about the kitchen bench project that these photos don’t say. If you missed the first few posts you can catch up here and here.









But I can add a pillow on top.


The next step for the bench project is replacing the temporary plywood top with a real bench seat so I won’t have to sit on a beach towel anymore.  We are getting very close!

The best thing about mulch day is when it’s over!  Our first day of stay-cation started with six yards of dark organic mulch.


The Friday night preceding the spread was spent trimming all of the hedges and raking up the mess that ensued.



Compared to spreading mulch, I find hedge trimming to be fun. It’s almost an art to make the boxwood hedges shaped like gum drops.


Now back to the mulch.


Wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow ensued. And we were left with an extra yard. We started out with seven yards here and then went down to six yards here and then fought about six or seven here. It seems next year we can reduce the load to five yards. Hooray!


It’s always so satisfying to see the mulch spread before the trees decide to drop leaves and the wind blows.




The hydrangea bed is the only consistent before and after shot I got.



Thank goodness that is over and I can be stuck with a new version of Salt ‘n’ Pepper’s “Let’s Talk About Mulch Baby” in my head for the day.

We accomplished a few things on the to-do list over vacation week.  Like putting a fourth coat of paint on the kitchen chairs that we started here. And we started the window bench that I talked about here.


I borrowed a bench from our other house last year to see if I’d actually use a bench in the kitchen and found that it’s my preferred spot.


Working on a Cape project isn’t the easiest because it means we need to plan ahead with tools and lumber but Headless Husband Howard (HHH) was up for the challenge as usual.


The first step was finding the studs in the wall and setting a brace along the perimeter. HHH actually made me work a bit even though I was obviously dressed to head out the door on a morning run.


We plan on setting the bench slightly lower than the standard 18 inches because I’m short and my feet never touch the ground.


As much as I wanted to sketch out the project in advance, we found it was easiest to plan it as we went.


Once the bench was framed, HHH added some temporary supports in the front so we could test the height and depth. Figuring out what the depth should be was the hardest thing.  I read around 22 inches was standard and anything less than 20 inches wouldn’t work.  We ended up around 22 inches from the wall but the window sills eat into that space.  When we add the top and trim the bench will likely be closer to 23.5 inches in depth.


After adding a temporary top I jumped on the opportunity to test out my new coffee drinking nook.


It was immediately obvious that I’ll need a pillow or two in the corner.


Speaking of pillows, the pillow project I talked about here has begun but I didn’t end up sewing a thing over the week.


It was partially due to laziness but more about needing even more fabric. I’ll have to post more about that later.

I have always wanted a window bench. Who doesn’t love those cozy corners where you can curl up with a book?  Only, I don’t actually sit still long enough to read a book.  So, I’ve been dreaming of a kitchen window bench since we bought the Cape House.


The kitchen currently has a rectangular table that we bought unfinished at the Mill Store and finished in Benjamin Moore’s Decorators White.  Here’s a shot of it drying last year – unfortunately I don’t seem to a photo of it on the floor!


Since there is a heat register in the floor kitchen here, Headless Husband Howard (HHH) has been reluctant to build anything that provides additional storage like these shots I hoarded on pinterest.

unknown source via pinterest

unknown source via pinterest




Having a storage bench would have been ideal, but at the same time I’ve learned that more storage means more stuff.  And one thing we love about the Cape House is that it is simple. So we have come up with the idea of having a bench with legs but a finished end so it looks like a storage bench when you walk in the room.

unknown via pinterest

unknown via pinterest

better homes and garden

better homes and garden

We are thinking of a beveled edge on the bench with a shaker detail on the ends.  And our shade of white has already been decided thanks to the table decision.  I originally thought that I would make a bench cushion in some fun fabric but have decided that some throw pillows in the corner might be more practical.

If you’ve ever built a bench, please let me know if you have any tips to share! I can’t wait to kick my heels up with a cup of coffee!


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