Not only weddings, here are other events that can be done at a Bali

Wedding villa bali such as The Surga offer a variety of complete facilities, so that here you can not only hold a wedding reception. But you can also host several other events at the villa in Uluwatu, Bali. Are you curious about what events can be held at this villa wedding? Come on, look at the following reviews.

Events That Can Be Held at The Surga ‘s Villa Wedding

  1. Wedding Events

The event that you can of course conduct at a villa wedding is a wedding ceremony. Villa The Surga, located in Uluwatu, is one of the favorite places to hold wedding receptions, both for domestic and foreign couples. Moreover, The Surga also provides a complete wedding package to choose from.

You can choose a package that is equipped with wedding catering, where the menu offered itself is very diverse and can entertain all invited guests. The dressing room is also quite spacious, so that it is sufficient for the bride, bridesmaids, and family members to prepare before the event.

  1. Birthday Events

In addition to weddings, at this Bali villa wedding you can also hold birthdays. If this is your 17th birthday, or someone important to you, or even your wedding anniversary, then consider booking one or more villas at The Surga. Waking up on your birthday in a suite overlooking the sea is certainly a dream.

  1. Company Events

Not only wedding receptions and birthdays, even corporate events are also very suitable to be held at Villa The Surga. With a large enough guest capacity, you can bring all employees in the company to attend office events held at Villa The Surga. This villa is the perfect setting for an action-packed team building event.

  1. Health Retreat Program

A health retreat is a yoga package as well as a vacation, which you can also do at this Bali The Surga wedding villa. Heaven Villa Estate can be an ideal place for health and wellness practitioners, to set a good atmosphere for healing. Participants can enjoy a variety of exclusive yoga styles here.

The retreat activity can also be more private, because in The Surga there are many private spaces that can give each participant a free and private space. The family room is perfect for group use, while other small spaces can be used for personal clients who want to join the fitness event.

You can do these various events at The Surga Villa Estate, which is located in Uluwatu, Bali. The Surga also provides many complete facilities, ranging from a courtyard, swimming pool, tennis court and basketball hoop, outdoor bbq packages, fitness and gymnasium, airport transportation and transfers, and many others.

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